Your contacts just a click away

A main image

To represent what you do, your business, your company or profession.

The round image of your profile or logo

To give your digital business card more personality.

To call

your landline or another number of your choice.

To contact you

on your mobile.

To send you

an email with the pre-filled address.

To visit

your website.

To access

driving directions from the user's current location to the address on the business card.

An images gallery

of your business or your new product or something else.

The Share button

To send your new digital business card to anyone with a simple click via WhatsApp, Email or Social.

The Youtube videos

of your business, promotional or whatever you deem appropriate to show or explain your business model.

Get Followed

with a click on your social networks.


that describes you or your company or what you want to communicate.

Always updated

At any time you can change the model, colors, images, telephone numbers, personalized links, social networks and the vertical position of the profile picture.

Your custom links

such as a promotion, opening hours, a particular product, the menu if you have a restaurant, an offer, the latest news, your next event. Basically any content you want is accessible with a click and that you can edit and update whenever you want.

QR Code

that you find at the bottom of your business card so you can deliver it directly to your interlocutor's smartphone. Remember to tell him to save it as an icon on the main screen of his smartphone so he will never lose it.

Save to contacts

With just one click, who have your digital business card can save your references in the address book of his smartphone.

Create and deploy it in just 3 steps.

Important note: when you create your account use the email you want to see on the business card.

1 - Create your account and customize your digital business card

Create your account then access the Dashboard via login and start customizing your digital business card. Enter your references that you want to show, the social networks on which to follow you, main picture or your logo and profile picture or your round logo, choose the colors of the background, text, link icons, enter the info you want to communicate, if you want you can insert a gallery of images, youtube videos and your custom links. In the Dashboard you can change the model and immediately see the result. All templates are easy to use and to customize. You can update your digital business card whenever you want.

2 - Save it to your device

When you are satisfied with your work, send it to your smartphone. In the Dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the business card in the mobile phone image, click on "QR Code" and the QR code image will appear. Now you can scan the QR code via your smartphone's camera and upload the digital business card to your smartphone to see how simple it is to deliver it directly to whoever you want. Saving it as an icon is easy and takes just a few seconds. You can find the instructions here:

3 - Share it with whoever you want with a click on the share icon present in each model or directly via QR code

The recipient can in turn share it through the available sharing channels (WhatsApp - Facebook - Linkedin - Twitter - Email) or through the QR code and your new digital business card will spread quickly.

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